About Music Aid

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MusicAid.Net - The Music Aid Network - is the social and business network for music industry professionals and everyone involved in music. It was launched by The Music Aid Organization as a place to collaborate and network with people in the global music industry, to learn, explore and share, to receive anbd give peer support from colleagues in music, to grow careers and promote music and services, to make friends and new contacts, to find and create new opportunities, and to discover products, services and other industry professionals. It is a place to explore new ideas and to keep up to date with the latest important developments in the fast changing music industry worldwide.

The Music Aid Organization (musicaid.org) was launched with support from some of the biggest names in music and media in 1998. Since that time it has worked with the United Nations and many other important organizations on projects around the world. In 2016 it launched this website and app -  MusicAid.Net.

To find out more about The Music Aid Organization and its work and history, and to take part in Music Aid 2017 - the world's biggest music benefit event and album release - visit musicaid.org